Corsica & Sardinia


Corsica and Sardinia are two of the most popular yachting destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. The rugged coastline of Corsica, with its unspoiled beaches, is a paradise for yachting enthusiasts. Sardinia, on the other hand, offers a more luxurious experience, with its many exclusive resorts and marinas. Both islands offer spectacular views, with breathtaking mountain ranges, crystal clear waters and idyllic beaches.

When to go

April to October

High season

July - August

When it comes to sailing, Corsica and Sardinia offer a variety of options. Corsica has several marinas, as well as sheltered bays and coves. Sailing around Corsica is an experience in itself, with its rugged coastline and beautiful beaches. The charming port of Bastia is a popular stop for yachts, and the island of Elba is a great spot for sailing and exploring the local culture. Sardinia is a bit more luxurious, with its many exclusive resorts and marinas. It's the perfect destination for those looking for a more luxurious yachting experience. The Costa Smeralda, located on the northeast coast of Sardinia, is a favorite spot for yachts, with its stunning views and sheltered inlets.