Smooth sailing


Comfort on board is one of the priorities of the owner of Solstice. And no effort has been spared to enjoy the yacht and sea in total serenity :

    • Her state-of-the art stabilization system operates under way and while you are at anchor reducing the rolling effect.
    • Air conditioning blows in all parts of the yacht and with no limitation. If you prefer fresh air, you will be able to control the A/C in each cabin or area of the yacht.
    • At least 5 separate living areas will allow each group to enjoy different activities before regrouping for a nice diner on board or evening out.
    • The open galley, fridges and coffee machines located at different parts of the yacht will assure you always have what you need. And if there is anything missing, ask our stewardess!
    • Shade or sun: you choose! Solstice is equipped with retractable sun awnings to suit your needs or mood.